[CQ-Contest] A portable rig for contesting?

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Oct 5 11:36:58 EDT 2005

W6FB asked N4GI:

>I have heard this from others also, and wonder if this really isn't a
>deficiency in the SO2R controllers instead. Some rigs appear to use
>PTT as a "pre-key" that enables CW/paddle operation. This, of course
>is a recent innovation that didn't exist on older rigs (I doubt that
>many contesters are using KWM2s and SB102s these days). At the same
>time, it also doesn't exist in phone mode, where PTT is used to
>actually key the rig. My own SO2R design simply switches the paddle/
>key and PTT lines between the two radios and appropriately switches
>antenna control at the same time, allowing the controller to work on
>phone as well as CW.
>With a fairly large probability that I have missed something that the
>feature gives you, what is it that I am missing that is so important
>with the the CW use of PTT?

It is impossible to interface any radio into an existing station
using existing equipment that is based on asserting some form
of PTT if that radio has no PTT, full stop.

The typical suggestion from Elecraft community of adapting
_everything_ to accommodate the K2 when this is not
necessary with any other radio since before even my father's
& grandfather's SX-71/Viking 2 combo I suspect will not meet
with much acceptance here.

Even interrupting the key lines is something that is unacceptable
for SO2R - everything is done based on PTT & positive control
of RX/TX state.

I'm curious - who does _not_ use PTT for SO2R for serious
operating on CW?  Perhaps we could hear from folks like K5ZD,
KQ2M, etc.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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