[CQ-Contest] Packet Cluster Practices

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Wed Oct 5 13:22:13 EDT 2005

I never understood these complaints.  While dozens of them like we've seen 
for K7C are a bit rediculous, there is some advantage to spotting stations 
you can't hear if/when stations reasonably close to you can.  Perhaps 
someone will reply with a "point your antenna at 300 degrees" comment and 
you will be able to hear them.  That has happened to me more than once.

As far as the alarms go, people aren't spotting stations that aren't there 
on random frequencies; they are spotting on a frequency that others have 
already spotted for.  So, the first station that spotted them (who obviously 
CAN hear them) would also set off your packet cluster alarm.  What's the 

I can see if stations in the USA are saying "nil here" for a station being 
spotted by EU or JA.  But, if east coast USA CALL-A spots a station, and 
east coast USA CALL-B says "nil here", well CALL-A already set off your 

Sure, some people use the packet cluster to complain and we can do without 
those.  But, others use it to figure out and/or learn about propagation. 
The people with the cluster alarms seem to use their alarm as an excuse to 
bash those who use it differently than them, forgetting that their way is 
not the only way and that no one person owns the cluster and it is not for 
them to make rules that enforce their way upon everyone.

A few things could be set about the packet alarms as well... how its not 
real DXing or contesting, etc.  But hey... if its what someone enjoys, so be 
it; let them do what makes them happy and live in peace.  But, that holds 
true for everyone.

That whining and complaining about DX operations I could do without; they 
don't seem to have much of any use.  But, if someone needs to vent, I'd 
rather them vent on the dx cluster than on the dx frequency.

Tom, NI1N

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> You evidently don't have a PACKET CLUSTER alarm to alert you when a
> designated DX station is spotted.  I find it to be a PITA when the alarm
> goes off with a needed spot only to find someone is saying "where is he?" 
> or
> "can't hear him here".  If your rig was broken or the antenna disconnected
> you wouldn't be able to hear anyone, not just K7C.

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