[CQ-Contest] PTT control SO2R CW (was: Portable contest rigs)

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Oct 6 23:21:35 EDT 2005

W4PA responded to VR2BG:

> >Even interrupting the key lines is something that is unacceptable
> >for SO2R - everything is done based on PTT & positive control
> >of RX/TX state.
> >I'm curious - who does _not_ use PTT for SO2R for serious
> >operating on CW?  Perhaps we could hear from folks like K5ZD,
> >KQ2M, etc.
>Never have...never will.  Not going to discuss it further as the last
>time this subject came up via the Internet I was chastised for knowing
>nothing about nothing vis a vis the needs of the serious CW contest

And likewise I don't know diddly because I've always used CW PTT.

Do you think that perhaps we can accept that some use it & some
don't, just like some think there is no God or that he is a she or not
white or we believe in something very different than others?

I thought it was pretty cool when I wired up a switch that drove relays
to "flick" all those switches involved in T/R switching with SX-71/
Viking 2/VFO combo.  This led later to using footswitch on CW &
eventually PTT asserted from computer.

People think I'm a git because I drive with my headlights on in broad
daylight & don't set the parking brake every time the vehicle isn't
moving, too.

Not to pour petrol on the fire or anything, but we have folks with some
connection with vendors that go without CW PTT questioning those
who use CW PTT.

It is the likes of a SONY that can try to dictate to the consumer
electronics market how things should be done - otherwise products
tend to be designed so that they can be used like similar products.

For interfacing with my station - stuff I already have that ranges from
one end of the spectrum to the other - I would really like to learn how
I could ditch CW PTT & still make it all work.  Honestly, I must be
missing something.

Taken all the way, we should not need PTT for voice modes & use
only VOX.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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