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David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sat Oct 8 12:45:13 EDT 2005

You are right, the prop program featured on the web page is for prediction.
But there is an older part that is rarely used that extracts hourly maps
from a log to display actual openings which that gif file is a snapshot of.
This was from a yccc meeting presentation in 1991.  In addition the analysis
tool also displayed hourly breakdowns by zone, beam heading, continent,
country, and a couple other parameters.  Of course the reason the post
contest tool is rarely used now is that it only works on ct version 6/7
logs.  (the original source for it is posted on my web site now so anyone
interested could update it if they wanted)

There are also some other examples.  The ar-cluster software displays maps
of real time spots for the sysop using DX Atlas.  And I have written one to
play around with that could be used for packet spots or logs using Microsoft
mappoint.  On the dx atlas web site there is also a tool called band master
that maps dx spots onto dx atlas.  And also on the dx atlas page:
http://www.dxatlas.com/Compat.asp there are a dozen or so other loggers and
tools that map logs, spots, and/or propagation data of various forms.

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> > David Robbins K1TTT
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> Hi David - thanks for mentioning your Contest Propagation Prediction Tool.
> http://www.k1ttt.net/software.html#mofdos which I'm sure is an excellent
> program. If I read the website correctly, it says that the tool helps an
> operator to know when the bands should be open, and to where.
> LogView is something quite different. It is a post-contest tool, for
> analysing contest performance. You feed in a contest log, and it plots all
> of the QSOs on one of 8 different maps by finding the position of each
> from
> an online database of about 970,000 W/VE callsigns. You can step through
> the
> log manually, or animate the contest and watch QSOs build up in the order
> that you made them. You can choose to display all, or selected bands. You
> can compare your QSOs with published contest results, and see who you
> didn't
> work. It can highlight gaps in your antenna coverage. You can search the
> log
> and highlight results on the map. Position, distance and bearing
> information
> is available for each QSO. A full list of features will be released when
> the
> tool goes live, but these are the highlights.
> PS - To everyone: I now have enough Test Logs, except for the TARA-RTTY
> contest. If you have a post-2001 TARA-RTTY log, I'd like to see it.
> 73s Tim EI8IC
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