[CQ-Contest] UBN/Log disclosure (was: Re: RES: D4B QRT)

Braco OE1EMS oe1ems at emssolutions.at
Sat Oct 8 14:51:19 EDT 2005

CQ WW Comite use allready software to check  logs
and compare DXCluster spots with log
software checks how many QSO's  are in a log within 10 minutes of a packet 

they have for sure more others tools to find out possible cheating
the main problemm is they are not always 100% sure about that.....
it´s not quite easy to "hang" all possible cheaters

if you ask me i will remove unassisted category beacuse it´s allmost 
impossible to
find out for 100% who is using DXCluster and who not!
if you can´t stop this kind of cheating...just legalized them....

we have also many other problemms
self spoting is also one of them to....
many stations operating in SO category with 2 or more operators
some station using even not legal callsign during contest
some of them operating from neighbour country using own(other country) 

of course if contest commite start to be hard and punish all possible 
cheaters there
will be many innocence station to......just think about that you can be one 
of them?!

i am sure CQWW commite is making good job
but everything can be better that for sure.
i am also not quite happy about some rules and many other thing
but if i want to participate in one contest i have to accept
the rules.
we can make some suggstions to contest commite but they must not accept them
there is no reason to be angry if they dont want to change sommething
i think it´s not always quite easy for organizer(contest commite) to accept 
help comming from outside.....
but i am sure(hope) is case of CQWW commite  this going to change very sun.

stop be critacal and try to find best way how to make contesting better!

73 es best dx

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> Honest contesters have nothing to hide in their UBNs!
> <<
> Looks like problem is with some top scorers who are also members of the
> Contest Committee, they like to keep their "tactics" secret. I had a 
> chance to see
> the log of one contester like that. I was impressed that he could have a 
> run
> of 6-8 QSOs/min. and every few minutes able to jump to another band and
> direction and work multiplier without losing a beat.
> I admire ability to S/P another band while having hot run like that. Us
> regular mortals have a problem working the rare one when S/P, one in few 
> minutes
> especially when packet bedlam descends on the rare one.
> K1TTT analysis of packet spots and comparison to above "tactics" could 
> reveal
> another layer of "champs". But who cares, right? Especially if one is in
> charge or on the contest committee.
> In the Tesla Cup we will have logs open after the deadline. New web site
> TeslaRadio.org is coming up soon.
> All they have to do is remove the password, no weeks of programing 
> necessary.
> Will we see it?
> Yuri, K3BU.us
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