[CQ-Contest] A portable rig that would serve well forcontestingtoo?

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Sat Oct 8 15:32:18 EDT 2005

  I've used a TS-570 in CW contests.  It is a terrific rig in a lot of ways, 
but it has a very broad front end.  For contesters, this means that you get 
AGC pumping caused by signals that you can't hear (because they are outside 
of the IF filter passband), and this makes it hard to copy the signals you 
do hear.  So, I don't recommend it for serious contesting.
  73, andy, ae6y
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> I'm surprised that the Kenwood TS-570 isn't being recommended as a 
> portable
> contesting rig.
> Is there a reason for this? Additional power supply needed perhaps??
> The internal antenna tuner works fine and computer control is FB with
> contest software that provides it. Built in (optional) DVK and a decent CW 
> receiver
> with an Inrad filter. Plus a carrying handle on the side.  I like  mine.
> I use a 765 for contests from home, but way prefer the 570 over the 706 in
> my car. The 706 just takes up a lot more space with the panel detached.
> 73, Don - K4BEV
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