[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

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Someone using Packet surreptitiously would be a fool to jump on the 
spots right after they hit the screen.  However, it would be pretty 
easy just to let them collect in the band map for a while and work 
them into a "tuning the band for mults" S&P session.  Short of having 
a busted call in the log that corresponds to a busted packet spot, it 
would be tough to catch.

Also, don't forget that with only an occasional exception, single-ops 
outscore SOAs in most contests.

Barry W2UP

On 9 Oct 2005 N7MAL wrote:

> Can or could you add the technology of simultaneously displaying the
> Packet-Cluster spots so it would be easy to determine who was claiming
> single op but obviously stealing spots..??.. It is easy to see that
> Packet-Cluster cheating is rampant and is a real threat to honest
> contesting.
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>   This was exactly my point in the earlier posting.   I am a software
>   engineer by profession and I am responsible for providing the "push"
>   infrastructure behind the the ESPN.com web sites.   While I cannot
>   disclose the actual capabilities of this system, I can assure you
>   that supporting the concurrent connections of all contesters and
>   interested specators is easily doable.
>   I'm not talking about a static web page that must be periodically
>   refreshed.
>   Opening up the UBN's/logs would be a step in the right direction
>   IMHO, but it would not stop the post contest 'massaging' of log
>   data.
>   I agree that knowing where your competitors stand would also have
>   some positive motivational side effects.
>   Now that I think of it, there are some parallels here with auto
>   racing.   The 'car' being the station of course.
>   73's
>   Guy, N7ZG
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>   >>This thread seems to be focusing on "releasing" logs
>   after the event, for later scrutiny.  Why stop there?
>   Why not "compete in the daylight" in the first place?
>   Why not know your position against other competitors
>   while the contest is still going on?<<
>   Let's do the first step (publish logs), we been trying to get this
>   for few years. Walk before you run!!!
>   Compete in the daylight? What would that do?
>   Like, when we compete, we take it easy, and then when we think
>   someone is beating us, "we step on the gas"? So we will be watching
>   how we do instead of running the contest?
>   Not here, thank you! I want to prepare for contest (never enough
>   time), enjoy operating (seriously, or just hand out contacts),
>   submit the log and (sooner or later) find out how I did.
>   73  Yuri, K3BU.us
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