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This was a discussion I was all excited about a year ago and it was
discussed here with the exception that it was not tied to cheating in
packet.  There are a few of us who would like to see contesting brought to a
new level by real time scoring.  I would hope that we could find a way for
contesters to feel like they are in a real time event and aware continuously
of the other contestants and how they are doing. At the same time,  there
should not be enough information that everyone can deduct what band and what
frequency every new dx station is.  Perhaps only the score would be
displayed of each station.  That would give the contestant an idea of how
their competition is doing.  It doesn't tell them what band or frequency
they are on.  

Now, there should be another set of software which the "referees"' have
which tells all the details.  Referees could then track stations that appear
at every new dx multipliers' frequency announced on packet within 10 minutes
and deal with them accordingly.

Sure, there will be some that say that they won't compete that way,  and
that's fine,  but they should be placed in another category than those who
are competing in real time.  The ones that are competing in real time are
monitored close enough by the referees that no longer will they have the
possibility of being accused of cheating with packet.  The others should
eventually gravitate towards this category because the people they are
competing are all playing the game the same way.  If they feel someone is
cheating,  that station will be left behind in the non-live timing category.
We still have power as a problem - maybe someone else has an answer for
that,  but at least we are closer to a fair playing field.

Are there problems and items that need to be figured out in this scenario??
Sure!  But as in problems and challenges,  where there is a will,  there is
a way.

I'm looking forward to the day when we have that first real time contest.

Red K0LUZ 

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There are several problems with real-time scoring, but the most glaring is
that it provides the same service as packet spotting. It would not take much
for an enterprising programmer to create a program that monitors everyone's
log page (it would be easier if they were all kept at the same site), and
either use them locally or broadcast them out to show where stations are. It
could even dump the results into the packet spotting system. Rules would
have to be created to make the scoring not real-time, but delayed by some
amount. Or make sure that anyone monitoring the results in any way are
placed in the assisted (packet) category.

On Oct 9, 2005, at 12:17 PM, Radiosporting Fan wrote:

>> Not here, thank you! I want to prepare for contest (never enough 
>> time), enjoy operating (seriously, or just hand out contacts), submit 
>> the log and (sooner or later) find out how I did.
> That is what realtime scoring does.  The advantage is that you remove 
> the phrase "sooner or later" from your statement.  You know how you 
> did at the end of the event.  No waiting, no volunteers to berate for 
> not getting certificates printed and mailed, etc.

- Jack Brindle, W6FB

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