[CQ-Contest] After public logs...

Marko Holmavuo marko.holmavuo at dnainternet.net
Mon Oct 10 11:41:05 EDT 2005

When there are concrete actions related to Open-UBN&Open-log issue, and 
we are able to get all these from net, next challenge would be contest 
results and statistics (I don't believe that this happens before "the 
new generation" takes leading positions).

We are now living year 2005 and still, it is so difficult to find out 
results...Results (if even published in electrical format) are scattered 
around the web.
There certainly are needs for services that provides contest logs, UBN 
statistics, contest results, different kind of statistics etc.

For example: Russian DX Contest (www.rdxc.org) provides something what 
should be minium at these days...
Look for example this one: http://www.rdxc.org/results/2003/10mins.asp

Somebody would even pay a little to get access to all these kind of 

Major contest post-processes are just old-fashioned and doesn't fulfil 
needs anymore.
These things counts when trying to get more people involved in contesting.

73 Marko OH4JFN

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