[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

Bob Naumann - W5OV W5OV at W5OV.com
Wed Oct 12 07:04:28 EDT 2005

 N7MAL said:

"I received 17, yes 17, private emails asking me to name names. Well for
obvious reasons I am not going to do that but I wanted to respond publicly
to at least this one, because I found it interestingly offensive. As you can
see it comes from someone who has gained a certain amount of stature in the
contesting community."  (referring to K1AR's email below)

What are the obvious reasons that you won't name names?  The reasons are not
obvious to me.  

You earlier said: "It is easy to see that Packet-Cluster cheating is rampant
and is a real threat to honest contesting."

If it is so rampant, then please name names (callsigns) and let's get this
threat under control before honest contesting as we know it is destroyed.


Bob W5OV


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  In a message dated 10/9/2005 7:19:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
N7MAL at CITLINK.NET writes:
    It is easy to see that Packet-Cluster cheating is rampant and is a real
threat to honest contesting.


  With all due respect, you're out of your league with this comment. Can you
identify a single entrant that fits your cheating assertion above? I doubt
it, but I'd like to see your list.

  Be careful with these claims that are not fact based. The reality is that,
at least for the CQ WW and ARRL DX contests, packet cheaters are
aggressively sought out, discovered and dealt with appropriately.

  Please reply.

  73 John, K1AR
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