[CQ-Contest] Posting logs, was Competing in the Daylight

Vladimir V. Sidorov eu1sa at belsonet.net
Wed Oct 12 16:24:39 EDT 2005


Are you sure, a correct approach is taken? An easy access to competitors' 
logs is not opening a can of worms, it's much worse. Let's talk not worms 
but bears or tigers. Imagine, a tiger A wins a contest with 10'000'000 pts, 
and the tiger B stays at the 2nd place with 9'990'000. Then the tiger B 
starts analyzing the competitor's log and finds something he suggests a 
cheating. What then? He applies to the contest sponsors asking, not, firmly 
requiring to review the results and to DQ the cheater. In the meantime the 
tigers C, D and E staying a few steps lower will also find something in 
competitors' logs... What then? And what the contest sponsors/log checkers 
are for if everybody will make his own conclusions? Can you imagine a mess 
that can come up?

To understand an essence of a problem let's simplify it to a maximal extent. 
In fact, proposed is the idea of posting, analyzing and probably even 
eventual cross-checking of logs in parallel with contests' log checkers...

I'd suggest, the whole approach is wrong. The initial idea was to fight 
cheating and to save contesting. Will it help saving contesting? I doubt 
it... I don't have any alternative, but this one is not really a solution.


Vladimir EU1SA[/VE3]

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