[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

SGT Korey Chandler korey.chandler at us.army.mil
Thu Oct 13 00:51:05 EDT 2005

Yes, Mike, there is software that will do what you describe. If I use
Writelog for sending spots but not receiving, then I just close the
telnet window and bandmap. That way, I send out spots but do not see
incoming ones.

I normally don't use this method very often and always turn off the spot
function while running. Forgetting to do so would get me a nice
nastygram from some vigilant people.


Baghdad, Iraq

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> Has the issue been brought to the attention of rules committee?
> Without solid proof, the claims made have little value and appear to
be a
> witch hunt, IMHO.
> The mere act of spotting a station on the cluster of packet does not
> necessarily mean that the contestant is multi-op.  You have to prove
> the
> station was receiving spots as well.  Is there software that allows
you to
> inhibit the reception of spots while allowing one to make spots?
> How many of these people are serious entrants?  Are we talking top 20
> Contesters or just good people getting on for a few hundred contacts?
> Mike W0MU
> Quoting Bob Naumann  - W5OV <W5OV at W5OV.com>
> >  N7MAL said:
> >
> > "I received 17, yes 17, private emails asking me to name names. Well
> > obvious reasons I am not going to do that but I wanted to respond
> publicly
> > to at least this one, because I found it interestingly offensive. As
> can
> > see it comes from someone who has gained a certain amount of stature
> the
> > contesting community."  (referring to K1AR's email below)
> >
> > What are the obvious reasons that you won't name names?  The reasons
> not
> > obvious to me.
> >
> > You earlier said: "It is easy to see that Packet-Cluster cheating is
> rampant
> > and is a real threat to honest contesting."
> >
> > If it is so rampant, then please name names (callsigns) and let's
> this
> > threat under control before honest contesting as we know it is
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Bob W5OV
> >
> >
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