[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

Dave Lawley g4buo at compuserve.com
Thu Oct 13 03:30:48 EDT 2005

 >You can't pick and choose which technological advancements are or are
 >not cheating.

Hi Craig

There are very many of us who are clear that packet is not just a 
technological 'advancement', it is fundamentally not single-operator 
because you have a whole host of packet users all finding stations for 
you to work. It is more like multi-op than single-op.

So, if you not going to have separate assisted and unassisted categories 
in a particular contest, those using packet assistance properly belong 
in the multi-op section. That's why we we're so opposed to what DARC has 
done with WAE. It's a great shame, I used to enjoy the contest and 
especially the QTCs, but no more.

73, Dave G4BUO

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