[CQ-Contest] Single Op Spot Sending

Mark Schreiber k6owl at arrl.net
Thu Oct 13 09:09:05 EDT 2005

Bob Naumann - W5OV  asked, "Is there software that allows you to inhibit the 
reception of spots while allowing one to make spots?"

Writelog has a function called "single op".  If you turn on this function, 
it allows spots to be initiated but does not post spots to the band map or 
multiplier displays.  It's existence, however, is not conclusive proof of 
anything, since the flow of packet spots in the Telnet window can be watched 
and I don't believe there's anything in Writelog that locks the "single op 
function" on when set up in a "single op" category.  Cheaters can be 

When I operate from home (low power, low inefficient antennae, where a big 
weekend might be 200 Qs), sending spots in "single op" mode for contests 
which don't have an assisted category helps break up the boredom while 
searching for stations I can both hear and work and are sent with a view 
toward promoting participation in the contest and its operators.  However, 
in response to what I see on the e-mail reflectors as growing skepticism and 
criticism of ops claiming single op yet "sending spots," I'm doing this less 
and less.  I doubt anyone really cares about or has ever noticed my 
activities since I'm not earnestly competing for anything when operating 
from my home.  When operating from more competitive facilities, I don't send 
spots at all (unless acting as the "spotter" in a multi-op) because there 
isn't time to do so.

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