[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight - Making it Happen

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Fri Oct 14 00:17:13 EDT 2005

>All you have to define is the UDP update protocol.  This should be  very 
>simple to do.

ummmm... UDP?   And the logging software is supposed to know which entries 
weren't uploaded?  With UDP it has no way to know that; there is no 
guarantee the packet made it to its destination.  The same holds true for 
TCP, but at least the client (the logging software) would know it.

If you're serious about this, I'd be happy to help on the programming side. 
I work a lot with Windows-based services and clients and haven't touched a 
Solaris machine since 1999, but I could refresh myself.

I'm scared by the proposals of the use of UDP though!

Tom, NI1N 

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