[CQ-Contest] Kenwood YK-88C-1 vs Inrad 103

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sat Oct 15 06:49:36 EDT 2005

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From: "Michael Tope" <W4EF at dellroy.com>

> The 500Hz wide 2nd IF CW filter (YK-88C-1) in W6UE's TS-950SDX is dying
> (it's intermittent), and I am wondering whether I should replace it with 
> another
> YK-88C-1 or change it over to the Inrad #103 (400Hz x  8.83 MHz IF 
> filter).
> Has anyone done this? The main application will be for contesting, so I
> don't want anything too narrow in there as this will be the only CW filter
> available in the 8.83 MHz IF (e.g. 2nd IF). We have both 500Hz and a 270Hz
> wide filters in the 3rd IF if we need to kick in a more narrow filter to 
> pull
> out a weak one during a run.

Thanks to KH6DV, G0XBV, K0XU, K5PI, and  K8GU for your replies
to my inquiry on the Inrad #103 (400Hz wide x 8.83 IF filter) vs. the 
YK-88C-1 (500Hz wide x 8.83 MHz IF filter). The overall consensus from
everyone who responded was that the Inrad #103 has a much better shape 
than the YK-88C-1 and that it is an excellent choice for the 2nd IF slot in 
TS950SDX. In the meantime, I got a note back from George W2VJN stating
that the 6:60 shape factor of the Inrad #103 is 2.0 vs 3.6 for the Kenwood

73 de Mike, W4EF................................... 

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