[CQ-Contest] Need help with TR Log POST version 6.62?

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 16 00:31:17 EDT 2005

I have a big log from the 2005 CQ 160 CW contest that says TR Log POST 6.62.

The log runs thru the log checker Ok but kicks out all
USA and Canadian Contacts.  After trying all my normal sources to correct
the wife found with a program called edit pad that after the received report
there is a spurious = then a end of line. The actual location is on a second

I have no way to fix and have a deadline.  Anyone who can assist me please
contact me at k4jrb at juno.com not on the cq-contest reflector or as a reply
to this address.

73 Dave K4JRB  CQ 160 Contests Director

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