[CQ-Contest] MFJ434 voice keyer woes

KI9A@aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sun Oct 16 11:10:11 EDT 2005

Hey all, while setting up for todays Illinois QSO party, I noticed my new  
mfj voice keyer was tuning the VFO on my FT1000MP Field downward. I checked all  
connectors, thenm popped the hood on the MFJ. I found all jumpers int he 
correct  place, so, I figured I'd pull them one at a time until the problem 
cleared.  There is a 3-position jumper called JMP2, that has a setting for Yaesu &  
ICOM/Kenwood. First off, what does this do? Anyone know? I pulled the jumper,  
& it stopped the VFO. Seems to work fine with no jumper installed, so, I'm  
going to use it that way. 
But, what I want to know, is what the heck does JMP2 on this thing? I can't  
find any feature that is affected so far. Audio is fine, memories are  
fine....maybe it enables the mike installed on the front of the MFJ to tune the  VFO 
up or down??
Hope to see you all on the ILQP this afternoon! Work us often, we are going  
to have some very dedicated op's in mobiles (with gas at almost $3/gallon!), 
so  get on & make it worth their efforts!
73! Chuck KI9A

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