[CQ-Contest] An Innocent Question about Grid-4's/Grid-Fields and HF

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sun Oct 16 18:05:27 EDT 2005

Most of the large HF contests predate grid squares, so a switch to grids
would be an epoch-changing event. Some of the contests are delineated based
on the intended format of the contest: SS was intended originally as a
message-handling contest, so it made sense to have the multipliers match the
Section system by which messages are routed.

ARRL DX is about working countries, so it makes sense to have it scored by
the number of countries you work. Similarly with WW, though they added

WPX is about prefixes, so it makes sense to have it scored by prefixes.

Perhaps a new contest could use grids depending on the wishes of the sponsor
(he who pays the bills...). Though, isn't the Stew scored on distances
measured by comparing grid squares? (Makes sense on 160: why should a
contact between Gibralter and Ceuta be worth so much more than a contact
between Washington State and Florida? (Particularly when the two Europeans
could likely look out their windows and confirm the contact with

I'm not sure the grid concept is necessarily self-intuitive to everyone,

73, kelly

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> Why hasn't HF embraced the idea of working Grid-4's or
> Grid-Fields (10x10 Grid-4's) more?  Scoring seems
> quite complicated on the HF bands to a simple guy like
> me. :)
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> Ev, W2EV
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