[CQ-Contest] An Innocent Question...- THE MAKROTHEN CONTEST is the answer.

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Tue Oct 18 14:48:23 EDT 2005

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>>If one of the majors decided to offer a new award based on 4 character 
Grids, they would need to either sponsor a new contest _or_ modify the 
exchange in an existing contest to support that award. For example, you 
could replace the universal 59(9) signal report with the 4 character grid in 
just about any contest - when was the last time you received/logged anything 
_other_ than 59(9)!

I would be willing to bet that _if_ the ARRL decided to implement a grid 
based HF award and then sponsor a new 'test to support such an award, it 
would become a fairly popular contest.<<...


Hello folks,
Let's put it in this way:
We have now THE MAKROTHEN CONTEST - the relatively new RTTY Contest, where you have to exchange your GRID LOCATORS and then you get the points per each QSO.
In other words - bigger distance - more points per each QSO. There is No multipliers or anything like that, Only Points for each QSO.
Other thing I would like discuss-is the breaks between every eight hours of the operations, which is a good idea (at least my wife likes it - she can keep me busy in that eight hours break to cut the grass or paint the fence:) 

You have eight hours to operate and then - eight hours to relax.. Three periods of operating and two breaks in between. This puts every participant in (almost) equal conditions with regards of the daytime, propagation, etc, etc...
Though I disagree with the idea to combine Single/Multy together with Multy/Single category, The Makrothen Contest should have a bright future.
The URL for THE MAKROTHEN CONTEST can be found at:
 TMC http://home.arcor.de/waldemar.kebsch/The_Makrothen_Contest/
The Director (DK3VN) of the Makrothen Contest did the great job, I believe for all of us.
May be Waldemar is going to sponsor THE FIELD GRID's AWARD - This would be great!
73's Andrei EW1AR-NC2N

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