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Thu Oct 20 02:19:27 EDT 2005

         Dear Bob,
 Its great that CQ CC committee is open door for Barry
 Im sure with that help from your side activity from rare countries where
people is care about certificates will comeup and not only from rare
countries because certificate of CQ WW is great memory
 I hope you will have followers and situation will be fixed with other CQ
 Bob if you will be more open and speak to the people and when you will make
decision in the future you will be open and have open discussion with
contest community you will have more support and power from all of us
 I wish you you will be like that
       73                                 Al 4L5A ex D4B

> Dear Fellow Contesters,
> By now many of you will have received your missing CQ WW certificates.
> As you know, the work of the CQ WW is made up of volunteers and for
> various reasons the certificates had fallen behind. However, all that
> has now changed. All winners since 2002 have been printed. Over 6800
> certificates have been distributed. This brings the CQ WW contest
> completely up to date. This fantastic step forward could not have
> taken place without the enthusiastic help, expertise and hard work of
> Barry, W5GN. Working with K3EST, N6TW, K3WW, N6AA, K3LR, K2RED and
> K1AR over the last few months, a method was developed to customize
> each certificate from the results as they appear in the magazine.
> Barry was the glue that held it all together. The CQWWCC wants to
> thank him in this public forum. Without his skill, the work would have
> been overwhelming.
> All certificate winners anywhere in the world should have received
> their award within one month. The great majority of winners will
> receive theirs within 2 weeks.  If you do not receive your award
> within the one month time period please contact questions at cqww.com.
> There were several hundred certificates without an address within
> their Cabrillo file. The process is now in place to print and
> distribute the 2005 certificates as you receive the results in CQ
> magazine.  Please post this message to your club's reflector, e.g.
> WWYC. Once again, thank you Barry, W5GN.
> 73,
> Bob, K3EST
> CQ WW Director
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