[CQ-Contest] CQ WW. I "get it".

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 10:56:35 EDT 2005

>> Everyone can see what they want. There it is, this "flawed" scoring
allows one to win world high from his home station, no need to go to D4
or HC8 or PJ because of discriminatory point system. Are you telling me
that it is fair to get 3 points for Eu QSO from CN8 vs. 1 point from
ZB2?  What is more flawed? <<

Every contest is different - and with log submissions at an all-time
high for the CQ WW SSB and CQ WW CW contests it's hard to argue with
their success.  Yes, there are things I'd like to see done differently
(like alternating the two weekends/modes in odd years) but I'm not
inclined to put up much of an argument about it. 

There's a reason this contest has become so popular - it's REALLY HARD
TO WIN.  And because it's hard, it requires people who want to really
compete to take it very seriously, and that seriousness filters down
from the top scorers into the contesting rank-and-file.  Casual
contesters and DXers take it "seriously", too, because they know the
more active ops in rare countries will be on for this one - and because
the crazy contester nutcases like me and 100's of others will go places
to make it happen.  They (casual ops) know that DXpeditions have been
planned to many places to operate this contest.  At what other moment
can you try to work 5BDXCC in one weekend?  How often are places like
TZ and ZD8 and others available to work on the low bands, and with
relative ease?  They'll get on and hunt those guys down.  Diminish the
top of this chain of events - that the contest is hard to win, and the
hard chargers in the ham radio world will go to great lengths to win it
or at the very least put in a big effort from *somewhere* - and the
domino effect is that the seriousness of this particular event would

T-minus 8 days, 9 hours to CQ WW SSB.

Scott Robbins W4PA

W4PA 2005-2006 Contest Calendar
Sept 11:  CW Sprint SOABHP
Oct 29/30:  CQ WW SSB SOABHP @ VY2ZM as VY2PA
Nov 5/6: CW SS casual operation SOABHP, home QTH
Nov 18/19:  SS SSB M/S as K4JNY @ K4JNY.  6 ops.
Nov 25/26:  CQ WW CW M/2 - PJ2T
Feb 11: CW Sprint SOABHP
Feb 18/19: ARRL DX CW - unknown
Mar 4/5: ARRL DX SSB M/2 - PJ2T (tentative)
Mar 25/26: WPX SSB M/S as KM9P @ K4JNY
May 27/28: WPX CW SOABHP as KM9P @ K4JNY

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