[CQ-Contest] CQ WW. I "get it".

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Thu Oct 20 15:31:00 EDT 2005

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There's  a reason this contest has become so popular - it's REALLY HARD
TO  WIN.  And because it's hard, it requires people who want to  really
compete to take it very seriously, and that seriousness filters  down
from the top scorers into the contesting  rank-and-file.

The contest is clearly very popular, but not because it's hard to  win.
If hardness of winning was the criteria for popularity, people would be  
lining up to operate at VY1JA.
It is hard to win because it is very popular.
It's popular because 60 or so years ago the folks at CQ had the foresight  to 
secure the franchise for a contest where it was anybody working anybody  
(outside their own country, that is  - sorry Yuri!) and to pick a couple of  prime 
weekends to do it on.
Then 30 or so years later radios became small enough that one could travel  
to almost any part of the world and have the great fun of being chased by  
everyone else in the world. And the rest of the world realized that these two  
weekends were the two best weekends of the year to find and work rare DX. 
Would any of this change if ZB2 and EA9 were scored equally? If there was  
only one active P40 station but five other zone 8 Carribbean  countries active?  
If one only lost one qso for busting a  callsign?   I doubt it.  
Good luck to all in CQWW, and success to all who work hard.
73  -  Jim  K8MR

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