[CQ-Contest] Zone(s) of UA9S, UA9T

Art RX9TX rx9tx at qrz.ru
Sun Oct 23 00:20:54 EDT 2005

 Hello John,

John, our sincerest thanks for your interest to our ... problem.

This topic raises in russian contest reflectors every year, and we are
really tired of it.

JW> I had a discussion recently with Art RX9TX about the UA9 boundary 
JW> between Europe and Asia, hence presumably between CQ Zones 16 and 17.

JW> One can't tell the true geographic continent and CQ Zone of a UA9S
JW> or UA9T,

Thats  true,  we  are  located  both  in Asia and Europe, if to accept
division  to  Europe and Asia by the Ural River. But to be technically
correct,  according  to  the  rules, we are in zones 16. This concerns
both UA9S/T and UA9W.

JW> because  those  two suffixes are assigned randomly within Orenburg
JW> oblast,  which  is  split  between  the two continents by the Ural
JW> River. Almost all operators there give their Zone as 17, which may
JW> or may not be accurate.

ALL  of  us  in  UA9S/T  and UA9W give our zone as 17, just because, a
quote,  of  "mental  discrepancy  between  Asiatic Entity and European
zone. That is why in the CQ WW we persist our zone is 17, otherwise it
takes  too  long  to  convince an operator at the other end that Asian
station can belong to zone having "European" in its name."

JW> Zone assignments are CQ's baby, and they can do what they want by 
JW> decree! I'd recommend that they arbitrarily assign ALL UA9s, 
JW> including suffixes S, T and W, to Zone 17.

Yes, yes, yes, that would solve it.

John, thanks.

 73...Art RX9TX      23-Oct-05 03:42 UTC


 "The right words in the right order." [Alexander Blok (1880-1921)[Of poetry, Quoted in D. Burg and G. Felfer, Solzhenitsyn] 

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