[CQ-Contest] [N1MM] Re: New Contest Country Files - 23 October2005

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Mon Oct 24 18:17:21 EDT 2005

My purpose in doing this is to help you learn what the rule is and at least
give you a chance to log what you are going to get credit for in the
scoring.  If a kh6 sent you zone 22 what would you do?  Log it??  or would
you tell him 'no you are in zone 31' and log 31??  Likewise if a ua9s/t/w
gives you zone 17 the logger says 16 you have a chance to correct him and
make sure where he really is.  Without this in the country file you don't
get any warning, you just merrily go along thinking you worked zone 17 when
you didn't... and if you don't work another real one then you lose that

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> > If you want one that scores ua9s/t/w the same way that the log checkers
> do......
> How about "one that scores what the operator actually sent on the air
> presuming you copied it correctly", throw away our crutches and "walk"
> unaided like real radiomen?
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