[CQ-Contest] Need Help with 1000MP Problem

Joe Staples w5asp at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 24 21:30:54 EDT 2005

I need help ... My 1000MP has gone silent ... no RF in ... no RF out.

I completed the installation of the INRAD Key Click mod in my 1000MP and then added the Roofing Filter (after removing the 70 MHz IF mod).  After a thorough check of all connections in and around the RF and IF circuit boards, I put the covers back on, powered up and set Menu 9-1 back to 11 (I had dropped it to 9 after installing the 70 MHz mod). However, neither the receive or transmit appear to be working.  I can hear NOTHING, and I can get no RF power output.  All controls, knobs, buttons, etc. seem to work as they should.  I have done a CPU reset and then gone through each item in the Menu to see that the settings were correct.  I can find nothing amiss among the front panel control settings.

I went back and rechecked all of the pc board coax connectors to assure that they were seated fully, and all of the various other connectors to see they firmly seated.  I also changed the small coax cables going to the Roofing Filter board so that it was no longer in the circuit ... which no effect.  I've swapped the antenna between both antenna connectors.

While I can possibly understand why I might have a receive problem after modifying both the RF and the IF boards (adding key click components), I can see where the transmit could have gotten fouled up.

If anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate hearing them ... otherwise, I have to box up the rig and ship it off for service (right before SS CW no less).

Joe, W5ASP

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