[CQ-Contest] Making the most of 40M SSB

Guy Molinari guy_molinari at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:29:22 EDT 2005

A newbie question:

My station is of the 3rd tier variety (euphemism for little pistol).   I run 
100 watts into a good
wire antenna and being in the Pacific NW, I can ususally put a decent signal 
into JA on 40M.

In past SSB contests I've typically viewed 40M as an opportunity to grab a 
few mults.   With
10M all but gone this year I'm looking to maximize my use of that band.

A question for the veterans,,,  How can I make better use of 40M on SSB?

A question for DX stations,,,  Do you bother S&Ping for US stations above 
7150?   Do you
find many US stations QSX below 7100?

Thanks in advance for the insight.

Guy, N7ZG

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