[CQ-Contest] [N1MM] Re: New Contest Country Files - 23 October2005

Ron Notarius wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Oct 25 09:06:46 EDT 2005

Pete, I think you may have put your finger on the crux of the problem.

In your scenario -- when a casual operator sends (what appears to be) the
wrong zone, sends this same to all worked, and declines to submit a log -- I
would think that a log checker would have little choice but to accept the
zone as sent.  Why?  Because there is a lack of evidence to show otherwise.

Now one might say "but the call indicates the operator is in a different
zone."  True... but for all we know, for example, there was an
administrative error that resulted in a valid call sign issued that is on
the "wrong" side of our zone line -- an error that wasn't caught and/or
corrected in time (or that won't be corrected due to administrative inertia
or for any number of reasons).

One might also say "well, the operator should know better."  Well, yes, you
could make this argument for a seasoned contester, but a casual one?  And
how many are going to stop and try and correct the alleged error on the air?
And what happens if, after repeated attempts at correction, the op gets mad
or disgusted or otherwise unhappy and goes QRT -- and then declines to
submit a log afterwards?

Bottom line, IMHO:  The software is an aid, but not the final authority.  So
when in doubt, copy what was sent and note somewhere the discrepancy for
further review.  The contester should not be penalized for copying what was
sent.  (And try and work at least 2 different stations in each zone...
easier said than done, I know).  YMMV.  VWPBL.

73, ron wn3vaw

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> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 07:31:16 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [N1MM] Re: New Contest Country Files - 23
> October2005
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> You could reasonably ask about the following scenario - someone gets on
briefly- say 30 or 40 QSOs - and sends the wrong rare zone every time, but
doesn't send in a log.  He shows up in 20-30 logs, all in the wrong zone.
Do those ops get penalized for correctly copying what he sent?  Or do they
get the QSO but lose the zone credit unless they work another one who really
is in that zone.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
> At 06:17 PM 10/24/2005, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
> >My purpose in doing this is to help you learn what the rule is and at
> >give you a chance to log what you are going to get credit for in the
> >scoring.  If a kh6 sent you zone 22 what would you do?  Log it??  or
> >you tell him 'no you are in zone 31' and log 31??  Likewise if a ua9s/t/w
> >gives you zone 17 the logger says 16 you have a chance to correct him and
> >make sure where he really is.  Without this in the country file you don't
> >get any warning, you just merrily go along thinking you worked zone 17
> >you didn't... and if you don't work another real one then you lose that
> >zone.
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> >> > If you want one that scores ua9s/t/w the same way that the log
> >> do......
> >>
> >> How about "one that scores what the operator actually sent on the air
> >> presuming you copied it correctly", throw away our crutches and "walk"
> >> unaided like real radiomen?
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