[CQ-Contest] [N1MM] Re: New Contest Country Files - 23 October2005

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Tue Oct 25 09:17:29 EDT 2005

> 2. What should the rest of us log? Again, the answer seems clear -
log what
> you hear. Even if you think the log checkers are going to ignore
what is in
> the UA9S's Cabrillo file and penalize you for the wrong zone, how
do you
> and they know that the UA9S, when he sends 17, isn't operating from
> friend's shack in Novosibirsk, which really is in zone 17? And
don't bother
> telling me whether the Russian licensing rules would permit him to
use his
> home call sign - that is not knowledge the contest rules can
require us to
> have at our fingertips during the contest.

I will, In the case above that UA9S station will send /9 in the end
of the call.

> In addition, consider this: Suppose a UA9S station sends zone 17
> or wrongly doesn't matter), 1000 stations work him, 990 of them log
17 and
> you and 9 others log 16. Who do you think is most likely to be

Here is an example from real life.  The station that never been in
this contest or simply does not care enters the contest and sends
some random zone number (or ITU zone instead of WAZ). You are amongst
the first to work him and  following your approach log zone number as
it was sent. In two hours time having worked 20 different stations
giving each one wrong zone number he gets visited by local friend who
explains him he has been sending wrong zone. The guy corrects that
and work another 900 stations till the end of the contest giving now
correct  zone. Who is going to be penalized now?

> 3. The third question applies only to multi-ops (including SOA) who
> using the cluster. What zone do you want your software to assume
when a
> UA9S station is spotted on the cluster? If there is a reasonable
> that stations in UA9S will be sending a rarer zone than their real
> you might want your software to tell you so.
> To maximize your chances of getting zone 17 in the log, you might
> the following strategy:
> (a) use a cty.dat file that will make your software announce zone
17 when a
> UA9S is spotted on the cluster (that way, if he is indeed sending
17, you
> won't miss the mult, and if he is sending 16, it's still a good
> (b) regardless of what the UA9S sends you and regardless of what
> tells you, put 16 in your log and add a note (Ctrl-N) to record
what he
> really sent (this is so that your software will assume you still
have not
> worked zone 17 and will keep on flagging other zone 17 stations as
> mults so you don't miss them either).

And then, if you indeed have already worked zone 17 before you are in
danger to violate another rule which says that you can only pick up a
new mult using second TX simultaneously with the first one. That is
if you are MS. Or you waist one or two of the few band changing per
hour that you are allowed by rules if you are in M2.

> The KISS rule applies.

I thing the KISS rule should be used when assigning zone and
continent to a station. That IMHO going to be the most efficient

73, Igor UA9CDC

P.S. Fortunately clearly in zone 17. No disputes :)
> My 1.68 cents' worth.
> 73,
> Rich VE3IAY
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