[CQ-Contest] Live scoreboard during CQWW Phone

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Tue Oct 25 13:29:05 EDT 2005

With my 19.2 kb/s dial-up connection, I don't quite have the bandwidth 
for real-time audio or a webcam, but if you're interested in cheering 
for a full-time, western USA, SO2R competitor, I will have my 
near-real-time stats at


During the contest, the web page will update itself approximately every 
10 minutes.  No need for you to hit the reload button on your web browser.

I plan on posting my current summary sheet, last-10 QSO rate, and 
last-10 QSO's.  The "Last 10 QSO's" output will only have band info, not 
my exact frequency.  I hope no one considers this self-spotting.

Like K5ZD, I would be interested in any and all comments.

Thanks to W9WI's earlier posting for the inspiration to try this.

Steve London, N2IC/5

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