[CQ-Contest] Live audio during WW Phone

Dave Pascoe davekm3t at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 15:28:44 EDT 2005

On 10/25/05, Kenneth E. Harker <kenharker at kenharker.com> wrote:
>      If another competitive stations listens to this audio stream during the
> contest, and they happen to be more than 500 meters away from station
> K5ZD, they are violating the CQWW rules' ban on the use of remote receivers,
> and should be disqualified from the contest.

True. Anyone who does this probably uses packet illegally too, a far
greater problem.

> Is this warning going to be prominently displayed during the contest?
> Are we going to have access to the IP addresses of the connections made
> during the contest so we can correlate (a la K1TTT packet spot analysis)
> the competitive stations that were using this remote receiver?

Sure, I can preserve the IP logs if that is of interest to those who
care about such things.  But put it in perspective...we will use this
to verify the "competitive stations" who somehow used a delayed audio
link over the internet to "work" *one* U.S. station.  Of course, you
may rebut with, "...well, what if everyone did this?"  Does anyone
really think this would become so widespread that "competitive
stations" would use this at all?  I can guarantee you they wouldn't be
"competitive" for long if they played around with this stuff.  And if
they do, they're probably using packet (a far greater problem) and
they'll get caught and DQ'ed or reclassified anyway.

>  I know there are, and have been, other remotely accessible HF receivers
> available over Internet streams for a while now, but this seems to be
> directly enticing people to break the CQWW rules.

Maybe you see it that way, but that is certainly not the intention.
Why would we, serious CQWW competitors for many years, entice people
to break CQWW rules?  By the same argument, then, the very existence
of packet should be banned because it entices single operator stations
to break the rules.


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