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This interpretation is really extreme.  And to make it even worse,  he goes
on and on and on.........


What are you going to do with the information?
Can you work the stations on the same frequency as k5ZD,  probably not
because ZD will blast you out of the water.

Will it tell you that another station is on the air.  Perhaps,  but you got
to hear them on your setup to work them because it will be a different freq
Than K5ZD's freq and you have to figure out whether they went up or down,
find a clear freq, etc. etc.  AND  if that's your intention,  make it easier
by just listening to K5ZD on the frequency with your setup and listen to
what he is hearing.  After all,  it's exactly the same thing EXCEPT you are
hearing it via his receiver/Ant instead of your own.  If you are on the west
coast,  it's just interesting info cuz you ain't gonna hear the station on
your setup.

I see no advantage in scoring better by listening to the streaming audio.

Red K0LUZ 
Longwood, FL

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     If another competitive stations listens to this audio stream during the
contest, and they happen to be more than 500 meters away from station K5ZD,
they are violating the CQWW rules' ban on the use of remote receivers, and
should be disqualified from the contest.

     Is this warning going to be prominently displayed during the contest?
Are we going to have access to the IP addresses of the connections made
during the contest so we can correlate (a la K1TTT packet spot analysis) the
competitive stations that were using this remote receiver?

     I know there are, and have been, other remotely accessible HF receivers
available over Internet streams for a while now, but this seems to be
directly enticing people to break the CQWW rules.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 01:49:50AM -0000, Randy Thompson wrote:
> A contest first? A new level of transparent contesting? 
> We've all seen webcams from various stations, but wouldn't it be more
> interesting if you could hear what the ops were hearing in their
> This weekend in CQ WW Phone you can.
> KM3T will be operating K5ZD in a serious Single Operator All Band effort
> durign CQWW this weekend.  As a first for radio contesting (at least that
> Dave and I are aware of), we are going to stream the audio from his
> headphones out to the Internet.  This will be a full blown SO2R effort and
> the stream will be in stereo, so you hear exactly what he is hearing. If
> have some time during the weekend and are near a web browser, you may want
> to listen in for awhile.
> To access the stream go to http://www.k5zd.com/live
> Look for the streaming to start a few hours before the contest (and
> before then during testing on Wed-Fri).
> Interested in any and all comments.
> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
> k5zd at contesting.com
> www.k5zd.com
> PS - Sorry, no web cam or real-time score reporting.  Audio only. :)
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