[CQ-Contest] Thursday NCCC Practice - ARRL SWEEPSTAKES rules!

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Wed Oct 26 03:41:15 EDT 2005

NCCC THURSDAY NIGHT MADNESS continues this week, Oct. 27, Thursday local 
with an ARRL Sweepstakes CW warmup.  CQ with 'SSP'  (SS practice).

Good opportunity to check out your antennas, station setup, RFI, logging 
S/W, band condx, etc.
The long exchange in SS is an accuracy challenge, especially for us old farts.
  So, let's practice, practice, practice!

-- 30 mins   0230-03Z
-- Start 0230Z (1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT 2230 EDT)

-- 14040, 7040, 3540, 1810

  Almost normal SS rules, any entry/power class you choose.
EXCEPTION to normal rules, dupe QSOs (one per station/band) allowed on each 
of the four bands (20 thru 160m).
Mults only count once, per SS rule.

Disable your logging program's "no dupe" toggle, so you can log dupe Qs on 
other bands.
Calculate score by old-fashioned math! Total  Qs x 2 x mults (ARRL sections).

-- Report scores on 3830 LSB after the practice,  at 0300Z (8 PM PDT) on 
the weekly NCCC
contest net).  Real-time score collecting, bragging, excuses, antenna checks,
advice.................or report score/comments on 3830 reflector (no 
automated entry setup for this)

THURSDAY NIGHT MADNESS continues on Nov 3 and 4,
again with SSP CW format.  NS rules resume on Nov 10.
  Sweepstakes SSB practice Nov. 17,18. CQWW CW practice on Nov. 24.


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