[CQ-Contest] Internet Receivers in M/M's?

S. Markowski Jr. km9m-zig at comcast.net
Wed Oct 26 10:58:55 EDT 2005

WM5R said: > I can easily imagine a multiop in Virginia or Illinois or 
Florida or someplace having an "Internet" station where an op not on 
the air could be listening to Internet audio streams to hear what the 
W1s or W7s are working.  

The reason this isn't done? It's called FOLLOWING THE RULES (AND SPIRIT) OF THE GAME!  What's the purpose of winning if you cheated to get there?  If  your example was common place, why wouldn't M/M in "5-Land" do the same thing.  Maybe I'm a bit testy this morning, but I find the above offensive.

73 From Deep in the Blackhole,
Zig - KM9M

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