[CQ-Contest] thank you cq

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 26 17:27:48 EDT 2005

Got my 2004 WW SSB cert too.  Was hit by a wave of nostalgia when I 
opened the envelope because the format of the cert is almost identical 
to a couple on my wall dated 1958 and signed by Frank Anzalone and Wayne 

Well, it's 8-1/2 x 11 as opposed to the old 11 x 14 which is cool as the 
frame is cheaper.  (Wall space is a lot more expensive now, too.)

I really like the addition of showing where I stood in VE as well as VE7 
and that it's clear what level of accomplishment the certificate is 
for.  Since I got back into the game in 2000 I've received a number of 
certs which said
Single Op- All Band
Canada - VE7

I was really excited when I got the first one thinking that I had 
somehow managed to win VE.

73, Jim   VE7FO

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