[CQ-Contest] Questions for JA's about 75 meters

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Oct 26 19:20:57 EDT 2005

N2IC asked:

>With the persistent 75 meter jamming originating from the far east, it
>will be very difficult to work between the USA and JA in the usual JA
>window from 3792-3803 in CQWW SSB.  I know there is another JA window
>between 3747-3753, but that window will accommodate only 1 USA station.
>  From here in the USA, the jamming seems to stop between 3750 and 3765.
>   Is this true in JA ?  Is it quieter below 3765 ?  Are there additional
>JA SSB privileges below 3700 ?  Do you think USA stations will have
>success operating split frequency to work JA by transmitting between
>3750-3765 and listening below 3700 ?

Right now (2315z) there is a hole around there & 3745 kc is fairly
clear, but this morning the Hainan woodpecker is laying waste to
pretty much all of 75 & 80m... with crud in the holes that at 500 km
away would make it pretty rough going from here.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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