[CQ-Contest] Making the most of 40M SSB

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Wed Oct 26 20:01:04 EDT 2005

On Oct 25, 2005, at 12:29 PM, Guy Molinari wrote:

> A question for the veterans -  How can I make better use of 40M on  
> SSB?
> A question for DX stations -  Do you bother S&Ping for US stations  
> above
> 7150?   Do you find many US stations QSX below 7100?

OK, first, you have to realise that 40m in a DX Phone contest is the  
absolute worst QRMfest you can ever imagine. The problem is that in  
regions 1 and 3, the band is only 100 kHz. So, most of the activity  
is from 7000-7100 kHz. For US stations, it means we are cut out of  
the fun unless the other stations listen up for us in 7150-7300.

For all the other stations in Region 2, they have privileges that  
allow them to operate simplex. Many DX stations don't bother  
listening up, especially early in the contest, and they really lose  
out on working US stations. DX stations should listen up virtually  
all the time. (Hear that, guys?)

Some DX stations now have access to 7100-7200 kHz, so you'll find  
some of them will call you simplex from 7150-7200 kHz -- if you are  
lucky enough to find a spot there. Competition in that area is intense.

US stations in this area will likely QSX below 7100. The objective is  
to work DX, and that is where the DX is, after all.

This situation is likely to perpetuate until 2009, when regions 1 and  
3 have full access to 7100-7200, and the SWBC stations move out.

Bottom line: US stations must QSX below 7100. DX stations should QSX  
above 7150 as much as they possibly can. Stations with dual watch  
radios should listen on both a separate frequency and their  
transmitting frequency whenever possible.

Hang in there and don't let the QRM bug you. I'll be running the 40m  
mult station at NQ4I M/M this weekend.

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