[CQ-Contest] New Contest Country Files - 26 October 2005 [lastbeforeCQWW]

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Thu Oct 27 07:57:36 EDT 2005

Hams do not look at rivers.
We have other awards for water-related things.

Oblast boundaries rule.
CQ kick ...
All UA9 oblasts are in Asia.

Log what you hear and if what you hear does not make sense, ask and deny
QSO if necessary i.e. zone is not even possibly right.
There are always some AP1RIL types around.

Jim has done a wonderful service for the whole C community for sure.
Thanks to Jim also from my side.

Jukka OH6LI 

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>Teijo Murtovaara
>I thought I was told that the Ural river separates Europe from 
>Asia and flows through the Orenburg oblast (UA9S/T). So a UA9S 
>those UA9S/T really are in zone 16? Updating country files 
>seems like a nightmare to me and all I can do is to thank Jim 
>for doing a good job.
>73 de Teijo OH6NIO

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