[CQ-Contest] Recruiting New Contesters

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Oct 27 13:38:48 EDT 2005

This is a tag-on to some of my response comments to the N3BB "Perfect 
Contest" post.

*** NOTE: YOU can Recruit a New Contester this weekend (in the CQ WW SSB 
contest) !!!

1. If you're a Multi-Op station, pick up a "Y" connector and an extra set 
of headphones, and invite a potential contester from your local area 
(UHF/VHF club op, etc.) to watch & listen for a while.

2. If you're a Single-Op not make a real serious effort and only part-time, 
do the same thing.

3. For #1 and/or #2 above, be sure and send them home with a CD you've 
burned containing Morse Runner or some other CODE learning/practice 
software (or URLs of where to download them :-)

AMAZING FACT:  Many serious Contesters also belong to other local 
Non-Contest clubs filled with 2m/440Mhz ops.

Here's how to spot "Potential Contesters" - NEW CONTESTING BLOOD - from 
within such groups of already licensed hams:

1. He or she has a High energy level.

2. They are quick on the microphone button (don't always wait for the 
"Courtesy Tone" on a repeater :-)

3. They may be into some other form of "Competitive Activity" like drag 
racing, Marathon running, or even Poker Games :-)

4. You sense they are a "Born Contester" ... be sure and repeatedly tell 
them this once you've profiled them!!!

Go-For-It...do YOUR part this weekend to help perpetuate the Art Form of 
"Contesting", and please add to the list of identifiable traits here to 
help others spot potential prospects.


Rick, K6VVA

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