[CQ-Contest] logging & issues

Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at arrl.net
Thu Oct 27 20:28:56 EDT 2005

Paul O'Kane wrote:
> The simplest thing is to let the software auto-fill the
> zone.  Don't even listen for it, unless you're in any
> doubt about the callsign, and don't waste time editing
> any zone if you hear something different.  We know from
> this mailing-list that RST and zone are ignored by CQ for
> checking purposes.  You can't "blow it by not logging the
> exchange properly" - the "exchange" is dumped.  
> The only possible issue with this approach, and it's
> minimal for SO, is that you may not be up-to-date with
> zone multipliers - especially for North American QSOs.
> Your log will be independently rescored, and the only
> "hit" is for callsign errors - assuming you logged QSOs
> with the correct band and time.
> Just get on with it, exchange calls and have fun.
> Callsign, Enter, Callsign, Enter . . . . 
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
That does take some pressure off, doesn't it?

Unless it's US stations .... we got nicked for a bunch of them last year 
from VO2,
Zone 2 where the country file said they were in their "callsign" zone 
and not their
physical location. 

Or maybe it was the other way around .... we should have listened to the 
program and not the station?

But it does sound like the EU/AS/AF/SA/OC stations can be "Callsign, Enter".

Isn't technology great?!

73    Hank    K8DD    (FP/K8DD in CQ WW CW)

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