[CQ-Contest] Important Issues

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Oct 29 00:58:28 EDT 2005

Bob, W5OV, wrote:

 > We need to come up with a plan to get kids interested in ham radio and
 > contesting.  Someone in a CQ contesting video once described contests
 > as a video game that you play with your ears and your brain.  Maybe
 > that might be a target audience?  What do we need to do to get the
 > millions (that's right - millions) of on-line video gamers aware of ham
 > radio contesting?
 > With all of the brain power here, we should be able to come up with
 > something that would be effective.
 > Ideas?  Let's hear them!

Even before I got back on HF 2 years ago, I was chewing on thoughts of an 
Internet version of ham radio contesting.  Let's face it...young kids today 
aren't gonna have the BIG BUCKS to build mega-contest stations.  At least 
at first :-)

Coincidentally, two nights ago before the NCCC "NS", I attended a local 
education related fund raiser at the big winery about a mile down the road 
from where I live.  I ended up buying my ticket at the door from a woman I 
hadn't seen in about 10 years (I almost listed their home when they were 
once considering moving).

I asked if her husband was still teaching at SJSU, and she said he was now 
with MicroSoft...and X-Box.  My next guess proved right...he is some kind 
of "Program Manager".   Guess who I will be talking with next week about an 
incredible "Product Opportunity" in the gaming field?  Yup...Mr. Hubby (a 
real sharp guy, BTW).  I also need to find my old contact info for Sony 
PlayStation (I was the voice actor who did the "Markinson" character in 
their hit "Syphon Filter" game years ago).

I believe you are correct...one of our major targets for young potential 
contesters is within the video gaming arena.

FYI & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

P.S.  The wife told me she used to be a CBer, so I wrote the K5ZD "Live 
Audio" feed URL for the CQ WW on my bizz card and gave it to her...as well 
as mentioning the next step for her was a move from CB to Ham Radio 
Contesting.  Umh, I plan to buy her a copy of "Now You're Talking" :-)

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