[CQ-Contest] ] Making the most of 40M SSB

Mills, Wayne N7NG N7NG at arrl.org
Sun Oct 30 19:29:34 EST 2005

Hi gang,
A couple of quick notes about Logbook of the World submissions following WW 'Phone:
1) If you have RENEWED your certificate recently and haven't REMOVED your old certificate, be sure you do remove it BEFORE you submit your log. If you don't, TQSL will probably try to sign your log with your OLD cert, and while it will look like it is being processed, it won't be. Remove your old cert before you sign your contest log.
2) If you don't see a response to your submission within minutes of submitting your signed log file, please DO NOT resubmit your log. Except for the problem mentioned above, if it says it's "queued for processing," it will be processed. During periods of high activity, it can take extra time to process the data. Resubmitting repeatedly will only lengthen the processing time for everyone. Logbook can handle it, but it can take longer to clear.
Wayne, N7NG/1


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