[CQ-Contest] Zone(s) of UA9S, UA9T

Art RX9TX rx9tx at qrz.ru
Mon Oct 31 08:15:53 EST 2005

 Hello Stuart,

 Monday, October 31, 2005 Stuart Santelmann KC1F wrote to Mario:

SSK> I worked about 5-10 UA9 STW stations this weekend - now EVERY one of them
SSK> signs Zone 16 !!  Great !

Are you sure you weren't hearing what you want to hear? :-)

You  know,  suddenly we discovered some fun in being in zone 16, as we
have 3 points for QSO with Europe, while all other stations in zone 16
have only 1 point. This means most of zone 16 records will soon change
their holders :)

See  this: http://www.cqww.com/zone.htm, note zone 17 records. You can
see  WW DX CC earlier agreed that we must compete with other "3-points
for EU" entrants, but not with z16 europeans.

 73...Art RX9TX      31-Oct-05 13:05 UTC


 "Nothing is as terrible to see as ignorance in action."    [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

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