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Alan Leith aleith at eastlink.ca
Mon Oct 31 09:03:52 EST 2005

Hi Mike,

I'm afraid I disagree with you.  Even during runs of 100+ per hour, as a 
single op I always tried to leave my QRG at least once every couple of 
hours to search and pounce.  I'm sure there were instances when I didn't do 
that but that was always my plan.  What I think is that we've become too 
dependant on clusters to provide us with information and have forgotten how 
to swing the dial and tune stations in -- listening to hear if they are 
needed multipliers or unworked stations.

Hey, I often use packet to work stations, especially when I'm just sitting 
in the shack and am too bored or tired to listen to more noise.  And I have 
no problem letting someone else do the work.

But not in a contest.  RUN, RUN , RUN and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.



  At 07:15 AM 10/31/2005, you wrote:
>40M is a mess and will probably stay that way until the whole world gets the
>same allocation.  After all, running split uses twice as much spectrum as
>simplex!  It was refreshing to work some of the EU stations simplex now that
>they have permissions above 7100.
>As for useless spots?  I had a 100+ hour Sunday on 15M just picking EU spots
>off of the spot window.  If you haven't worked them, it's money in the band.
>My software filters the ones I already have.  Many of them were very
>difficult to work due to weak signals and QRM.  I say spot everything.  The
>cluster nodes can handle it now with internet backbone connections.  Of
>course, my RF users might disagree!
>Mike, W1NR
>Sysop of dx.w1nr.net
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>Two things bothered me about this weekend's CQWWDX SSB contest:
>1.  The flagrant use by US stations listening down on 40M, Canadians between
>7000 and 7050 and Europeans and South Americans using the bottom end of 40M
>on SSB.
>2.  The useless spots on packet for Europeans.  Packet was moving so fast,
>most of the time, I couldn't keep up with all the crappy spots.  I, for one,
>didn't need to see a spot for an overpowered European contest station that
>was 40 over.  I won't name the offenders who did the spotting but I think
>they should have known better.
>I know that Canada, and perhaps many other countries, don't have sub bands
>but enough is enough.  Granted, the bands are crowded but for goodness sake,
>don't squeeze out those of us who like CW.
>I read RX9TX's comment about sub bands in Russia and I have to say, I like
>the idea.  We used to have something like that in Canada before the
>government department responsible abdicated its responsibilities and dumbed
>down the amateur service in this country.
>There was a time when I didn't miss a contest but that's changed over time.
>I spent a lot of time listening this weekend, even made a couple of QSOs,
>and I really didn't like a lot of what I heard, especially on 40M.
>Maybe my testosterone levels have diminished.
>Al, VE1AL
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