[CQ-Contest] Thoughts on 40 SSB

Cqtestk4xs@aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Mon Oct 31 09:22:12 EST 2005

Having done WWSSB  on 40 seriously for a bunch of years, I feel like I have 
some informed thoughts on this matter.

First, for the hardcore CW guys griping about SSB guys transmitting below 
7040, they remain amazing silent during many contests when the CW guys and RTTY 
guys are above 7040.  Hey, with the spots low and the numbers of hams 
increasing, the band flexes for the contest.   The SSB unoffical band expands for 
contests and then shrinks when CW takes over.  For daily use the SSB guys should 
stay above 7040 and the CW below it.

What does piss me off though, is when the band is empty around 7020 or so, 
and some guy fires up around 7005 to CQ.  Most guys are usually pretty good 
about that, although one TA was rather fond of doing that on 7000 for much of the 
weekend.  The same is true for the W/K guys listening in that area when they 
are running.  I know K3LR, KC1XX, W3LPL and I all try to listen as high as 
possible, although when the band is 20 over from 7100 to 7015 you have to listen 
lower in order to hear anything other than ultra compressed audio.

For the idiots who call to inform me that listening to guys below 7040 when 
I'm running is illegal, it is not.  The transmitting station on below 7040 may 
be doing something "illegal", but I am not.

Next, I may be wrong on this one, isn't the band plan a voluntary one in many 
parts of the world?

Although 7100 and up is allocated to many stations for SSB, why is it a vast 
wasteland during contests?

Working split does not always take up twice as much USABLE bandwidth.  Many 
stations wind up sharing the same listening freq...a real PIA.  Also, many EU 
stations listen on frequencies like 7293 and so forth.  I have yet to hear a 
W/K running from up there.

Now, the solution.

FCC should allocate 7040 and up so the US is not a third world country when 
it comes to allocation.  It is maddening to hear guys not listening up.  VE 
guys have it and even KL and KH have 7075 and up....no more split.  Back in the 
old days the US was given limited bands because the rest of the world was 
behind us in tech and needed a place where they could use 25 watters and dipoles 
and not be battered by big US stations.  The proliferation of technology has 
radically changed that concept.  Does anyone actually believe that JA/G/DJ are 
all technologically backward and poor?  Yeah, I know it ain't gonna happen, but 
it would be nice for at least day to day use.

Second, the ops in countries who have 7100 to 7150...use it!  Last let's all 
be a little more understanding about flexing 40 during contests.

Bill K4XS

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