[CQ-Contest] Thanks

Richard Zalewski dick.w7zr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 12:46:17 EST 2005

Most of the time on the reflectors we read of problems. Thanks to all of the
unpaid "amateurs" who help to solve the problems. In an uncommercial message
I would like to thank---

Thanks to - Wayne and all of the crew who support Writelog. A great program.
Room for improvement but still a great program
Thanks to - Mori and all who help support MMTTY. A free program that takes a
lot of time by some unpaid volunteers to help
Thanks to - The people at West Mountain Radio who get a gazillion calls on
Friday before the contest on how to get their product going. Answered nicely
with even temperament.
Thanks to - All of the manufacturers who answer their telephone calls or
emails. To those of you who don't....pay attention!
Thanks to - VE3NEA for some of the best propagation tools for contesters.
Thanks to - All of you who help make this the greatest hobby ever!

Tnx es 73
Dick W7ZR
www.w7zr.com <http://www.w7zr.com>

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