[CQ-Contest] CQWWDX SSB: Harder Times for Low Power?

IK2DZN - Claudio Astorri ik2dzn at astorri.it
Mon Oct 31 17:40:28 EST 2005

Dear Contesting People,
it was a great fun this weekend, one of the greatest so far.
I'd like to address the propagation issue.
As a LOW POWER ALL BAND operator in the 2004 edition I had managed to make
more than 500 QSOs on 10 METERS, approximately 40% of the total.
That was more than oxygene for a LOW POWER station... on the LESS POWER
BASED BAND of all.
This year I couldn't even reach 100 QSOs on 10 METERS, 7% of the total. Few
and short openings were the reason for this.
I'd like to add that 15 METERS open and closed this year much later and
earlier than last year both on Saturday and on Sunday.
The outstanding huge crowd on 40 and and 20 METERS (15 METERS were
"managable") is certainly depending on more partecipants: bravo CQ!
Also it may depend on less HIGHER BAND AVAILABILITY due to the current very
low position in the sunspot cycle.
So, my idea is that the former edition 10 and 15 METER BAND TIME has been
spent by ALL BAND partecipants this year in the "middle" 20 and 40 METER
Easy. That's where that incredible 40 and 20 METERS caos came from. Isn't it
The result is that LOW POWER stations had much HARDER TIMES in trying to
keep a frequency in use in the huge caos. 
It won't change as long as the sun cycle is not improving...
Claudio Astorri, IK2DZN

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