[CQ-Contest] Phonetics.....

AA6DX - Mark aa6dx at arrl.net
Mon Oct 31 20:02:18 EST 2005

I cannot believe how many contest operators cannot receive "delta-exray" ..   I have come to think it is because that they do not BELIEVE that AA6 Delta Xray is a legit call, I suppose.  .. of course, the contesters that have been doing it for 4Ø years know the callsign . HIHI ..   So  --- here is this olde pharte, hollering "denmark exray, like long distance" .. and, the nerd at the other end comes back   D ess ...  arrrrgghh 
but, just think .. last week, he was using his "slider" on 28.00??
Mark .. AA6DX
(Boo to YOOOO!)
Just had first trick-treater... here in CA)
Have OWNED  AA6DX since 1977 .. NoT a vanity callsign!
dit dit ...

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