[CQ-Contest] Zone(s) of UA9S, UA9T

Tony...RX9TL rx9tl at qrz.ru
Mon Oct 31 12:26:59 EST 2005

Hello All!

> I worked about 5-10 UA9 STW stations this weekend - now EVERY one of them
> signs Zone 16 !!  Great !
> Stu        KC1F
I worked as RZ9SWR. Yes, we sent 16. But many EU stations asked us "17" or
"16". Some persons just came to freq and asked my zone number!!! I think,
just for a fun! Another persons told me that I'm in 17 zone!!! I had to
explain them, that UA9W/S/T are in 16 zone!

Best wishes, Tony...RX9TL      WWYC # 462

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