[CQ-Contest] Contests during Katrina recovery

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at adelphia.net
Sat Sep 3 12:33:27 EDT 2005

"I don't want to open a can of worms but I think that it would be a good 
idea to suspend contests for the time being while the recovery efforts are 
getting underway."

Probably not a bad idea.  Based on the frequencies to avoid that were 
provided by Ward, it appears that all the traffic is being handled by SSB 
nets, so suspension could be limited to phone contests.

Looking at the month of September, the next contest and one that could be 
very disruptive is WAE Phone the weekend of the 11th. Then through the end 
of the month there are 4 or 5 state QSO parties, Scandinavian Activity SSB, 
and the SSB Sprint. The very beginnng and end of Oct have fone contests that 
could be very disruptive as well.

One has to wonder how quickly the health and welfare traffic in and out of 
the Gulf will taper off.

73 de Lar K7SV 

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